Our Approach

At David Mason + Associates we take a unique approach in providing exceptional engineering services. Many engineers have the reputation of being a bit impersonal, to say the least. You probably won’t have that impression with our team. What you will find is an exceptional group of engineers with more than our fair share of ‘personality’.

Key Factors of our Approach

Experience + Efficiency. Your project, time-sensitive and budget conscience.

A track record of exceptional safety. Low Risk = Peace of Mind.

All oars in the water. All the latest technology plus old fashioned hard work.


What’s most important is the value of your success. Your budget needs to be respected, which is why we provide competitive rates to match project sizes. The last thing you need is a project that’s overdue and over budget.

Our customers also deserve an efficient process to keep the project moving forward. We are a multi-disciplined firm with industry-specific experience ready to get the job done right the first time. No matter the size of your project, we have the right people to deliver a finished project that meets all of your requirements.

Engineering and construction do bring a certain amount of risk. This is why safety is our top priority. You probably don’t like taking unnecessary risks, and neither do we! We have over twenty-five years of service experience as a firm. Your peace of mind is worth taking the time to carry high levels of Professional Liability and Cyber Security Insurance. We also follow safety protocols and stay aware of any potential risks ahead.

This also gives extra confidence to our partners. If you’re a partner, you know we have your best interests and safety in mind on every job site. We know there are other firms you could partner with, but we also know our approach is unparalleled among engineering firms.

Technology is changing the way the world does business. This is exciting because it opens new opportunities for our firm to serve you better. Our full-service internal IT department helps us stay connected as a team and most importantly, keeps you in the loop along the way. Your project may even give us an excuse to get our aerial drones some flight time to survey your project’s latest developments.

Why does this matter? Because your success is our success.

You are more than a client to us…

You’re our customer. It’s our privilege to serve you, and it’s a privilege we want to convey. It’s why we take the extra time to help you with any project challenges you’re facing. It’s what motivates us to help our utility customers make changes for the better. Serving you as our customer is obvious when we care about the communities where we work.

We also expect our partners to treat our customers with the same level of integrity. It’s how we would want to be treated. It’s how we believe what we do will matter for years to come.

Together we can help engineer the foundation of communities for years to come. It starts with integrity-first customer service, from our first conversation to the ribbon-cutting ceremony and beyond.