Fulton State Hospital

Fulton, Missouri
State of Missouri
Start Date
August 2014
Completion Date
June 2016
Construction Cost
$176.5 Million

Fulton State Hospital (FSH) is the oldest public mental health facility west of the Mississippi River. Owned and operated by the Missouri Department of Mental Health, FSH is located on a 55-acre site in Fulton, MO. The 300-bed Biggs Forensic Center at Fulton treats patients with serious mental illness who are committed by Missouri courts for evaluation and treatment related to a crime, or who have seriously assaulted patients or staff in other state psychiatric hospitals.

The State of Missouri recognized a serious need for the modernization of FSH to improve quality of care and safety of residents and the ability to retain quality professional staff. Consequently, a Project was identified for replacement of Biggs and other facilities which served the larger campus (e.g. Dietetic Services, Materials Management, and Maintenance).

DMA Surveyors provided all topographic, property, and utility surveys for this Project.

Our Civil Engineers were responsible for the design of all site development for the Project. This included access, circulation, and parking; grading and drainage design; utility relocations and new services; and storm water management. Utilizing digital terrain modeling, our Engineers were able explore multiple grading concepts to balance the earthwork on site. Our Structural Engineers provided the design of site structures including utility vaults and retaining walls. We provided design and construction administration services for all of our design responsibilities.

This Project presented some unique design and construction challenges, since many of the existing campus facilities had to remain secure and in service during construction. DMA worked with a large stakeholder group including state and local agencies, utility service providers, and hospital administrators to develop phasing plans for the site improvements and utility construction.