AMTRAK Zoo to Paoli Relocation Project

Surrounding Areas of Philadelphia, PA
PECO Energy
Start Date
September 2014
Completion Date
Construction Cost

Working as a sub-consultant to HBK Engineering, LLC, David Mason + Associates, Inc. (“DMA”) provided a wide range of consulting services for PECO Energy’s AMTRAK Zoo to Paoli Relocation Project. AMTRAK is replacing electrical facilities along their right-of-way (“R/W”) from Interstate 476 (“Blue Route”) to Paoli, PA Substation (“Paoli”). PECO Energy (“PECO”) has facilities on AMTRAK structures for the entire route, as such; these facilities along the AMTRAK R/W from the Blue Route to Paoli will be relocated or removed partially or entirely.

DMA was able to provide the Phase I feasibility package for the entire project scope. This includes over 30,000 feet of aerial wire or cable and over 7,500 feet of underground cable that will be removed, relocated or installed. Over 400 poles were inspected in order for proposed modifications to adhere to PECO clearance requirements and standards. Throughout all phases of the project, DMA was able to field verify transformers, load break switches and cable/conductor size/types which were incorporated into designs.

DMA coordinated and performed electrical manhole inspections in order to assess the overall condition of PECO manholes, visually inspect equipment, trace existing cable routes, record the condition of cable racking and to record and document any condition that will impact the operation or installation of proposed cable and/or equipment. The information collected was incorporated into the design for underground distribution lines.

Utility atlas and records search were performed by DMA staff by submitting web ticket entries via Pennsylvania One Call System (POCS). This step was integral in obtaining existing drawings to support the development of basemaps and underground distribution designs for the project. DMA assisted with the development of aerial and underground distribution design for various circuits within the project scope. These designs often included revisions to existing manhole diagrams for cable removal, duct & cable installation, cold work and/or interruption tasks.