University of Chicago Center for Care & Discovery

Chicago, Illinois
University of Chicago
Start Date
June 2006
Completion Date
October 2013
Construction Cost
$700 Million
DMA Services

The University of Chicago Medical Center for Care and Discovery, is a 1.2 million square foot facility for complex specialty care, focusing on cancer and advanced surgical programs. The 10-story center serves as the new core of the University of Chicago Medicine campus and is one of the most advanced clinical and surgical centers in the country.

The new building spans South Maryland Avenue at 57th Street and its unique design extends into the adjoining public spaces. The ground level of the new hospital is open to the public and enhances the streetscape with cafés and other retail businesses.

David Mason & Associates (DMA) provided Civil Engineering services on this Project which included the design of public realm improvements, streets, utility infrastructure, grading and drainage; and storm water management. Extensive demolition and site preparation was required prior to the new construction. Our engineers coordinated the site design with the City of Chicago in order to relocate critical utilities, and to obtain easements for public streets which were spanned by the building.

Our designers applied several sustainable design principles including rainwater harvesting with underground storm water detention systems that utilized specialty inverted siphon piping.

The Project was awarded LEED Silver Certification.