St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority
St. Louis, Missouri
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North Riverfront Stadium – Survey

In an effort to keep the St. Louis Rams NFL franchise in St. Louis, the St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority undertook the planning and design of a stadium project to revitalize an 88-acre site on the Mississippi River with the development of a new, state of the art NFL stadium and associated site improvements. David Mason + Associates (DMA) provided the surveying services related to the project.

Because of the aggressive design schedule for the project and limited access to many areas of the site, we implemented a multi-faceted approach to the surveying effort which included a combination of traditional surveys using Total Stations, ground based LiDAR using Faro Technologies Mobile LiDAR, and unmanned aerial system (UAS) drone LiDAR.

DMA managed the entire survey effort for the project and performed all ground based activities including the setting of horizontal and vertical control targets with GPS location for the LiDAR effort. Our surveying and design staff processed and managed the point cloud data obtained from the LiDAR imaging and merged it with the 3D topographic information obtained through ground based surveys. We then created a digital terrain model (DTM) for the entire site.

DMA coordinated with numerous public and private utility companies to have the utilities marked in the field. Subsurface Utility Engineering investigations were performed and we prepared a comprehensive utility base map for design of relocations and improvements.

Our designers utilized the information contained in the project geotechnical report along with topographic surveys to establish models for various subsurface strata. Contours and 3D surfaces were developed for bedrock, uncontrolled fill, and topsoil layers using AutoCAD Civil 3D modeling.