Commonwealth Edison
Northern Illinois
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Substation Security Upgrades

For more than 100 years, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd, a unit of Exelon Corporation) has been the primary electric delivery services company for Northern Illinois, providing electric service to more than 3.8 million customers. Pursuant to 18 CFR 40, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission order number 802, Physical Security Reliability Standard and in compliance with North American Electric Reliability Corporation CIP 014-1, ComEd has committed to continued safety, security, and reliability of its power distribution grid. As a
result, ComEd has undertaken a large and comprehensive system-wide upgrade to improve substation security.

David Mason + Associates provided civil engineering design services for the substation security upgrades. Numerous design considerations were taken into account including the overall security posture of the substation; the equipment in the station; the present and future layout of the site, as well as specific environmental, state, and local guidelines and requirements.

The project(s) consisted of improvements to perimeter fencing, automatic gates, access controls, intrusion detection, surveillance systems, ballistic protection, substation drainage and grading, and erosion control at approximately 40 critical substation locations. Our work included design of perimeter fencing and drainage infrastructure; coordination with electronic surveillance equipment; and coordination of all environmental and zoning permits required for construction.

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