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John Kildea, PE

Director of Structural Engineering

John Kildea’s experience encompasses all aspects of structural engineering including assessments and inspections. John and his team design new facilities and perform rehabilitation, and restoration on a wide variety of buildings, bridges, electric transmission and distribution, tunnels and environmental structures. His project experience includes work for utilities, governmental and educational clients, hospitals, sport facilities, hotels, airports, light rail and roadway structures as well as water and wastewater systems. John holds multiple FAA pilot certifications and leads DMA’s Unmanned Aircraft System (Drone) projects to support clients with aerial inspections and construction audits.

John has always been fascinated with how structures and machines are built and how they operate. That interest has translated into his day-to-day responsibilities at DMA where his focus is on developing engineering solutions with life safety front of mind. His true passion is in helping communities by repairing and rehabilitating damaged and unsafe structures.

John is married and raising two sons who are both active in variety of sports including baseball, basketball and soccer.

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