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Matt Byers

Director of Field Services + Safety

Matt Byers’s background and experience as a surveyor, survey coordinator, and project manager have provided him with the necessary skills to lead the DMA Field Services Division. Matt gained his industry knowledge by performing all aspects of survey required for transportation, building construction, mapping, boundary, site planning and field inspections. He has taken this survey background and applied it to field services, where he oversees a team of visual and drone (UAS) inspectors for gas, overhead distribution, water, sewer and utilities. Matt continues to support our survey division by applying his extensive experience in the use of 3D Laser Scanning for collecting and analyzing physical and environmental data. Other forms of survey support within Matt’s tool kit include topographic surveys, aerial photography control, horizontal/vertical control networks, construction layout, confined space sewer inspections, and property line strip map development. His work regularly requires data uploading, downloading, field data processing, and use of GPS survey equipment. Matt has also been Trimble Certified Trained for RTK/GPS surveying.

Matt serves on the Safety Committee and continues to promote the DMA “Safety First” safety culture.

Matt’s career began over 35 years ago, when he worked for the WVP Corporation. At the time, his supervisor was Jim Hacking, who soon went on to found DMA with David Mason. Hacking recognized Matt’s talent and personal integrity, as his values aligned with the company they envisioned – a long term relationship that is typical of the commitments forged by DMA’s leadership.

When he is not leading the field services division and promoting safety, Matt serves as a police officer in a community near St. Louis. He enjoys his time off with his family.

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