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Robin Wandling

Vice President of Finance

Robin has been with DMA almost as long as founding partners David Mason and Jim Hacking. For nearly 30 years she has been the financial backbone of the organization. Among her many responsibilities: execution and oversight of strategic financial planning and budgeting: accounts payable; receivables; and company benefit costs. Robin’s financial background combined with her knowledge of DMA’s company history enable her to provide sound, contextualized financial guidance and direction as DMA continues to grow. She works very closely with all DMA project managers, management and DMA’s 3rd party accounting firm (one of the largest in the country) to keep projects on track and up-to-date. As a leading fiduciary officer in the company, Robin is dedicated to financial accuracy and integrity.

Book keeping and financial analysis have always come naturally to Robin, who was a stand out in her earliest accounting courses. She finds that her work always keeps her on her toes, in part because of the unexpected turns of each day. Over the years, Robin has become extremely comfortable conforming to client needs through the ever-changing accounting technology associated with the financial side of our industry. Numbers are consistent, but the people and project requirements behind the numbers can often be surprisingly complex.

A life-long Southern Illinois resident, Robin has four children, and she loves…chocolate.

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