Missouri American Water Company
Arnold, Missouri
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Upper Muddy Creek Interceptor

David Mason + Associates (DMA) provided multiple services to aid in the the project by reducing or eliminating Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) and Water Backups (WBUs) that occurred within a system located in Arnold, MO. CCTV inspections of the system revealed that the capacity of the existing sewer system was being compromised due to pipe settlement and adverse slopes; foreign object obstructions; tree root intrusion; and groundwater infiltration.

Previous studies of the sewer system had been performed and two options for modifying the existing system had been identified by the Missouri American Water Company (MAWC). These modifications include removing and replacing select reaches of existing sewers with new sewers of equal or larger diameter pipe and re-establishing positive pipe slope. Additionally, some new sewers along new alignments were proposed. Ultimately, due to the difficulty with accessing the alignment, approximately half of the system was rehabilitated by pipe bursting, upsizing the pipe diameter from 12” PVC to 16” DR17 HDPE. In addition to construction documents we were required to evaluate the improvements using HYDRA software and updating the MAWC database with the new sewer data.