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Ameren – Lattice Tower Inspection Program

Transmission towers are among an electric utility’s largest and most important commercial assets. Ameren has taken a pro-active approach to preserving and extending the life of this valuable asset to increase system reliability and public safety.  These lattice towers of galvanized steel typically range from 50 to 180 feet in height. Many of the structures were built between 1960 and 1990 and as a result required various degrees of maintenance and repairs.

Ameren selected David Mason + Associates to perform field inspections and to develop drawings and specifications for the repair of approximately 200 lattice framed steel towers at various locations throughout the State of Illinois.

Field inspections were performed by our trained inspectors, which included the use of our UAS services, and included condition assessments, field measurements, photographic documentation, and the preparation of drawings showing existing conditions. The steel towers exhibited various degrees of disrepair ranging from minor damage of structural members, to severe corrosion at connections and loss of section in the steel members.

Our structural engineers and designers developed construction documents to be utilized by Ameren for bidding the necessary repair work.  Our documents included the development of materials lists; construction sequence requirements; and requirements for bracing and support of the tower during construction. We also developed a cost-saving approach for a reusable bracing system that could be adapted to similar bracing conditions.

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