Centene Corporation
St. Louis, Missouri
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Centene – Ferguson Service Center

Centene Corporation, a Fortune 500 company and a leading multi-line healthcare enterprise, has completed construction of their new service center and training facility in Ferguson, Missouri. The project consists of three buildings on an 8 acre site –  a 45,000 SF, three level operations center;  a one level, 6,000 SF day care center; and a one level, 6,000 SF training facility. The project fulfilled Centene’s corporate pledge of support for the Ferguson community by providing new opportunities for residents in both construction and future career training.

DMA provided structural engineering services from design through construction of the project. Our services included structural analysis, computer modeling, and the preparation of plans and specifications for construction of the project.

The three story operations center features tilt-up concrete construction. Our engineers designed tilt-up panels to withstand both service and lifting loads. Floor construction utilizes composite metal deck and structural steel composite beams. Roof construction consists of standard metal roof deck supported by steel bar joists. Foundations consist of deep drilled shafts and a grade beam system to accommodate the heavy loads, seismic conditions, and poor soil conditions on the site.

The daycare center and training center are separate single story buildings with tilt-up concrete bearing exterior wall panels. Roof construction is standard metal roof deck supported by steel bar joists. Foundations are conventional shallow spread and continuous footings with low bearing capacity.

Our engineers also designed a complex structural steel canopy structure that connects and compliments the three buildings.

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