Lambert St. Louis International Airport
St. Louis, Missouri
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Lambert Post-Disaster Recovery

On April 22, 2011, Lambert Airport was struck by an EF-4 tornado, causing significant damage to the main terminal and concourses. This project consisted of damage assessment and cost estimation of damage, repair design of damaged elements, and specialty tests for damage identification.

As the prime consultant, David Mason + Associates (DMA) led a team of six consultants in their inspection and assessment of damage to the entire airport complex. DMA managed the team and organized the assessment reports, and performed structural, architectural, and civil damage inspections for many areas of the airport. Coordination between airport authorities, contractors, inspection teams, and testing agencies was performed on a continuous basis.

A complete and comprehensive damage assessment report was produced in five weeks from the tornado event. The consultant team had the majority of the systems operational, and repairs of damaged metal bar joists, roof trusses, and metal deck were well underway within the first five weeks. The team also worked closely with the under-writers consultant team to acquire consensus regarding storm damage.

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