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Transmission Substation – Electrical Grid Improvements/Support

David Mason + Associates (DMA) worked as a subconsultant to Burns & McDonnell on several Ameren Transmission Substation Upgrade Projects. The 138kV and 345kV projects included upgrading line positions for increased ampacity, relay and communication improvements.

Ampacity upgrades included breaker replacements, switch, CCVT and PT replacements and additions, as well as resizing conductors. DMA provided a full bill of material along with updated drawings and construction release documentation. Relay upgrades were made to increase protection and control capabilities and aid in the communication improvements being made to connect the grid with the addition of fiber optic cables. DMA provided schematics and wiring diagrams for the implementation of the protection and control upgrades.

For specific work at the Cahokia Substation, the Owner engaged the design team later than anticipated, which required an expedited design duration. Partial designs were provided for review to the panel manufacturer to help maintain the construction schedule.

Some sites utilized inconsistent design standards that had not been updated over the course of several years, so providing consistent documents was challenging. Also, the Owner repackaged the design multiple times prior to construction, which meant several changes to complete documents.