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Water and Wastewater

Our expertise in treatment, distribution, and water quality helps to protect this valuable resource for the next generation

We use the most effective engineering methods for responsible water treatment and distribution.

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Civil transmission design

Civil distribution design

Structural facilities design

Environmental structures designs

Drop Shaft Design

Deaeration chamber design

Inspections and assessments


3D Scanning

Hydro Excavation

Manhole Dewatering

Field Services - Inspections and Assessments

Sewer Camera Inspections

Sewer Cleaning

Field Meter Testing

GIS Mapping

Underground Structures Design

Sewer Design

Storm Drainage

Piped and open channel systems

Water Quality/BMP

Detention systems

Permeable paving systems

Steam Bank Mitigation

Distribution and Collection

Pump stations and force mains

Trunk Lines


Inflow/Infiltration Mitigation


Vaults and Manholes


Water Treatment

Intake systems

Sedimentation basins

Storage tanks




WetWeather storage systems

Disinfection facilities


Pump Stations

Treatment Plans

Solids handling facilities

“SAK has been working with David Mason + Associates for over 5 years. In that time, they have demonstrated excellent reliability, quality and communication. SAK considers them a valuable partner and would highly recommend them to others. We look forward to continued work with David Mason & Associates in the future.”

Tim Bussen, General Manager, Central Region
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