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Chicago, Illinois
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CPS – Englewood STEM High School

The new Englewood STEM High School is envisioned as a modern campus intended to replace the adjacent aging Paul Robeson High School. The building is organized around a three-story lobby and control point. The central (main) lobby and stair is a three (3)-story volume and provides a sense of grandeur for those entering. An enclosed loading dock for deliveries, recycling, and refuse is located adjacent to a kitchen and dining center – areas requiring more frequent deliveries and that generate the bulk of building waste. A series of classrooms, music education spaces and the gymnatorium makeup the first floor. The gymnatorium seats approximately 1,300 students in auditorium layout with a combination of telescoping and floor seating. The 2nd Floor houses a variety of classrooms, multipurpose rooms, the library, and a teacher’s lounge. The library is a two-story space with expansive views to the South and West – back toward the greater Englewood community. The 3rd floor continues with classrooms, science laboratories, and art rooms organized around a network of double-loaded corridors.

Based on the programming requirements, the superstructure is constructed of structural steel framing. Elevated floors use composite metal deck with reinforced normal weight concrete fill. Structural steel girders, spandrels, beams in the floor areas are designed using composite action to offer an economical design. The academic roof structure is metal deck with composite concrete deck at the RTU locations. The gymnasium roof structure utilizes standard metal roof deck supported by long span pre-engineered bar joist and steel framing over the typical roof areas.

The academic and gymnasium wings engage select bays/columns for concentric structural steel cross bracing from ground level/foundations to roof.