Xcel Energy
Potter County, Texas
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Distribution Substation – Electrical Feeder Addition

David Mason + Associates (DMA) worked as a subconsultant to Burns & McDonnell on a 13.2KV substation. A new distribution 13.2kV feeder was installed to serve new customer loads.

Upgrades included breaker, switches, and PT installations. DMA provided a full bill of material along with updated drawings and construction release documentation. A new relay was installed to increase protection and control capabilities for the new feeder. DMA provided schematics and wiring diagrams for implementation of the protection and control upgrades.

The Owner’s design standards for 13.2KV voltage level were partial or were not updated as consistently as transmission standards. Scope changes were introduced into the design as the package was ready for Owner review and adjustments were made to meet accelerated timelines. Protection specification was not provided and used standards to develop Protection & Control Package.