Loyola University
Chicago, Illinois
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Loyola University Cudahy Science Hall Renovations

The Loyola University Chicago project consisted of a complete interior renovation of one of their original buildings on campus, Cudahy Hall, an existing four-story, 54,000 SF physics-based lab and classroom building. Due to its prominence on the campus quad, the University desired to maintain the original building envelope, but to update the building layout, systems, and egress to meet modern codes of their ever-growing science program. A thorough building assessment of the existing structural system was required to learn more about the structural components since existing building information was unavailable.

David Mason + Associates (DMA) provided structural engineering services including structural inspection, assessment and verification of the existing structure to evaluate adequacy for the planned programming and revised occupancy. Structural engineering design was provided for the retrofitted areas. Structural renovations based on programs featuring expanded workshops, labs, restrooms, flexible classrooms, interactive group environments, offices, storage, new stairs and elevator. DMA performed extensive research on the existing structural system of the building originally constructed in 1910. The floor slabs for the multiwythe brick bearing wall and steel framed building consisted of a clay tile arch with tension ties supporting cinder fill and concrete topping. All proposed openings required verification of existing structural elements and coordination with multi-disciplines. DMA also analyzed the existing structure for new occupancy loading, and addressed code related egress issues to make the building code compliant. The updated interior allowed the science program to expand in a more functioning space.

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