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Ron Lowe, PLS

Managing Director Professional Services / Director of Surveying

Ron Lowe has been a member of the DMA team for over 20 years. As DMA’s expert surveyor, Ron has led and established the baseline documents for all of DMA’s largest clients and projects. From airfields and highways to parks and utilities, Ron has a finger on the pulse of how to serve clients with the latest survey and locating technology to deliver projects on time. His experience includes setting horizontal/vertical control networks, property boundary surveys, 3D scan projects, ALTA/ACSM Land Title, topographic, aerial control, and right-of-way surveys. His general tasks include coordination of survey personnel for field surveys, data research, office calculations, and the preparation of survey CAD backgrounds using AutoCAD and/or MicroStation.

Ronnie has managed projects utilizing traditional ground and GPS surveying methods as well as the latest Total Stations, data collectors, and 3D scanning equipment. Ron and his team have built a reputation for being the “go to” 3D scanning group. His relationship with equipment and software suppliers provides him with a unique perspective on the latest technology to support the exponential amount of data DMA collects.

Ronnie has been married to his wife for over 30 years, and together they have three children — one of whom also works at DMA.

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